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Tickets: FAQ


Arsenal provides a system that allows official supporters' clubs to order tickets for their members.

To apply for tickets, you must have received a 2023/2024 membership confirmation from Arsenal South Wales.


For each game, all confirmed Arsenal South Wales members of the 2023/2024 season will be sent an email containing a link to an online application form.

Each online application form will include the ticket and travel (coach) price.

You must provide payment before submitting your ticket application.

Please ensure that you provide any concession requirements when applying for tickets.

Applications will be closed once a sufficient number of applications have been received.


Home ticket application success will based respectively on the applicants:

  1. Arsenal Silver member status.

  2. Number of games they have attended (credits).

  3. Number of unsuccessful applications.

Away ticket application success will based respectively on the applicants:

  1. Arsenal Season Ticket (Gold) status and Travel Club members (whose tickets qualify for the respective fixture).

  2. Number of games they have attended, not included in the above (credits).

Unsuccessful ticket applications will be fully refunded within 14 days.

If the original member who applied for the ticket cannot attend the fixture, they must inform us by email five days before the fixture; the club will decide who the ticket is transferred to, and only if the ticket is reallocated will the original applicant receive a refund.


Each Arsenal Season Ticket holder is awarded ten club credits at the start of each season.

One club credit will be awarded per member for each home or away match attended in a season.


For home fixtures, we apply for lower tier seats towards the back of the stand. Due to availability, this may sometimes result in being allocated upper tier Tickets, which incur a higher cost.  If this occurs, you will be informed by email and can choose to refuse the higher cost by replying ASAP.

For all cup matches, the area of seating will be dictated by the number of visiting fans.

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